TeamGreatness is a small collective of three talented and gifted individuals, consisting of an artist(DatBoiPhresh), a producer (Terris Macco) and a sound engineer(Samukelisiwe Twala). All three individuals met in high school, where they found their love for music.  

They offer unique expertise in producing/creating music, fusing hip-hop and RnB sounds that serenade and entice the ears of music lovers everywhere. All coming from different backgrounds but sharing a common vision, passion and an ear for creating good quality music.

DatBoiPhresh who's real name is Perseverance Mokhampane, "the face of the music" placed the stepping stone with his heartfelt raps and soothing vocals. Using his music as a platform to discuss everyday life of a young black South African, along with the challenges and difficulties faced on a daily basis. 

He started rapping in cyphers early 2006 and later ventured into recording music with Samukelisiwe Twala.  In 2010, Samukelisiwe ventured into becoming a sound engineer because he knew that understanding the science of music is an important tool for recording it.

They continued to record and grow their skills, and in 2012 DatBoiPhresh recorded and released his first official mixtape named "GoldDookies&Blunts" featuring remixes of well-known songs. https://soundcloud.com/team-greatness-over-everything/sets/datboiphresh-gold-dookies-bluntsmixtape. Which put them on the map as one of Vaal Triangle's rapping sensations.

As time went on the need for ownership of the music grew, and that's when Ntando "Terris Macco" Mcera, came in with his kicks, snares and 808s. He started producing house music early 2009 then later switched his sound to hip hop.  In 2014, he released his first beat tape which catered for most music genres in the industry. 

Executing with his versatility of beat making ranging from house, hip-hop, electro and RnB music earning him a "Hit Maker Of Our Time" title. Producing music for most artists in our country and abroad.

The pack is currently working on a much anticipated offering titled "Cold Summer EP dued to drop later this year. All songs are produced by Ntando better known as "Terris Macco" And engineered by samukelisiwe twala.